Kris Nations Heart Locket

Be Our Valentine

Yes, chocolates are nice. Sure, flowers are pretty. But how about something that will stick around longer? We have so many lovely things in store (and some online) for all of your sweet Valentines. 

You can never go wrong with a piece of jewelry, or luxe treasures in fine leather and cashmere. 

Freshie & Zero heart pendant

Clare V Midi Sac, Channel Quilt Rouge

Pick up some treats for healthy, glowing skin, or lusciously scented perfumes and candles. 

Child Perfume

Cast of Stones

Don't forget the card! A thoughtful note is the real gem of this holiday, and we have a trove of beautiful cards in store. Shop our curated online selection of Valentine's Day goodies, or come see us in person for our full selection.

Love and kisses from Team Find North!

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