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Bloom Wlidcreaft Tea - Multiple Options

Bloom Wlidcreaft Tea - Multiple Options

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Add some spice to your life with our newest flavor, Chai Buzz. This tea is made with all organic chai spices, slightly sweetened with dried apples, and has a little kick from Yaupon. Yaupon Holly is the only plant native to North America with caffeine (comparable to the amount in a cup of green tea). So drink up, and get your buzz on!

Ingredients: *Dried apple | *Ginger | Wild harvested yaupon holly | *Cinnamon | *Allspice | *White pepper | *Cardamom


Drift off to sleep and take it easy with our specially blended Drift Tea. Made with organic herbs that support relaxation and peace of mind to help you wind down after the stresses of your day.

Ingredients: *Lemon Balm | Catnip | *Valerian | *Hibiscus | *Holy Basil | *Hops


Our Hot “Chaga” late is a medicinal twist on traditional hot chocolate. Made with hand harvested Chaga mushroom powder and slightly sweetened, its a guilt free way to enjoy a chocolatey beverage. Enjoy warm or cold with a splash of milk.

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar | fair trade organic cocoa powder | wild harvested chaga powder | vanilla powder


Sunrise tea is a delicious alternative to coffee. Enjoy this beverage in the morning or afternoon for natural energy without the crash. Sunrise is made with organic chicory, dandelion, and burdock roots for a full bodied flavor, while incorporating ashwaganda for natural energy.

Ingredients: *Chicory Root | *Cacao Nibs | *Dandelion Root | *Ashwaganda | *Burdock Root | Vanilla Powder


Please note: All teas are packed by weight, not volume. Due to the density of the ingredients in Sunrise, the tin may be less full than other flavors. Please refer to serving size on package.

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