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Circles and Cycles

Circles and Cycles Celestial Chamomile Facial Oil 1 oz

Circles and Cycles Celestial Chamomile Facial Oil 1 oz

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Celestial Chamomile is a light emerald green daily facial serum formulated to soothe & nourish skin. It is a blend of organic “dry” oils - jojoba, meadowfoam & squalane - that are lightweight, non-greasy and quick-absorbing. This is a non comedogenic serum that won't clog your pores.

Celestial Chamomile is for all skin types & throughout the seasons, however it is specially formulated for Pitta-type Summer skin ~ reactive & sensitive skin types prone to inflammation, irritation, blemishes, redness and dryness. The base of this facial serum is a potent Jojoba oil infusion of cooling & calming herbs ~ Chamomile, Marshmallow root, Lavender, Oat & Gotu Kola. A special technique is used for the oil infusion to create a dark, rich, ultra potent & more shelf stable end product than a traditional folk infusion method.

It has a sweet, camphor and floral scent ~ a mix of Blueberries, Blue Tansy & Chamomile.

INGREDIENTS: Chamomile flower*, Marshmallow root*, Lavender bud*, Oat straw* and Gotu Kola* infused in Jojoba oil*+, Squalane* (from Sugar Cane), Meadowfoam seed oil*+, Blueberry seed oil*+, Red Raspberry seed oil*+, Vitamin E oil+ (Tocopherol) and organic Blue Tansy & German Chamomile essential oils* (less than 1% dilution rate).
* Certified Organic
+ Cold-pressed and Unrefined

FOR BEST RESULTS: Add 3-6 drops to clean face & neck. Gently press and pat into until absorbed. Best applied on wet skin and after a moisturizer or humectant to lock in moisture. Follow with sunscreen if using in the morning.
Use as the last step in your skincare routine after cleanser, toner, serums, and moisturizer, AM and/or PM.

Can be used with massage tools like the Kansa gua sha or Kansa wands to help with inflammation, puffiness, lymphatic drainage and to help lift & tone skin.


* This serum is considered safe for most skin types however, I always recommend performing a patch test when adding new products into your skincare regime.

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