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Circles and Cycles

Circles and Cycles Leland Blue Tallow Balm

Circles and Cycles Leland Blue Tallow Balm

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A beautiful, light aqua blue daily facial balm.

The base of this balm is Tallow rendered from Organic, Grass-fed & finished, Pasture raised Beef Suet sourced from a small, sustainable Michigan farm. I use a special rendering and purifying process to create a beautiful end product that is cosmetic grade.

Tallow is skincare gold! Tallow is a deeply nourishing moisturizer - it is non greasy, won’t clog your pores, is long-lasting and is a powerhouse of bioavailable nutrients. Tallow closely resembles the human skin cell structure (we’re both animals after all!). It contains the closest fatty acid profile to our own skin and oil, allowing it to be absorbed quickly and easily. All the lovely fat-soluble vitamins, antioxidants, and essential acids found in Tallow penetrate deep into our skin, helping to restore & maintain balance. Fun Fact! “Sebum” comes from the Latin word sēbum, which translates to “Tallow”.

The Tallow is blended with a potent oil infusion of organic herbs that were selected & formulated to calm and nourish skin - Lavender, Marshmallow root, Oat & Gotu Kola.

As with all the Tallow balms, a little goes a long way! I suggest a pea sized amount to cover face, neck & chest. Rub any leftover skincare on the back of hands.

INGREDIENTS: Michigan grass-fed & finished Beef Tallow blended with Jojoba oil* infused with Chamomile flower, Marshmallow root, Lavender bud and Oat straw & Gotu Kola and less than 1% of certified organic essential oils of Blue Tansy & German Chamomile.

This balm is a part of a mini Blue-hued skincare collection that was formulated to tame irritated, inflamed & acne-prone skin types. 

Color may vary depending on the batch. It is always a shade of blue, teal or greenish turquoise. Color varies depending on what time of year the Beef Suet is rendered and how dark the plants infuse the Jojoba oil.
Leland Blue always contains the same lovely ingredients!

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