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Circles and Cycles

Circles and Cycles Re/Newal Bakuchiol Serum 1 oz

Circles and Cycles Re/Newal Bakuchiol Serum 1 oz

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RE/NEWAL is a potent, yet gentle golden facial serum rich in Antioxidants, like carotenoids & pro-retinol, all derived from organic fruits and seeds.

RE/NEWAL was formulated as a plant-based alternative &/or companion to Retinol. It’s key ingredient ~ Bakuchiol ~ acts similar to Retinol & has the power to stimulate cell turnover & improve skin’s elasticity, revealing an even-toned, younger-looking complexion with continued use.
This is a lightweight serum that glides onto skin & absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling soft & supple. It is non-comedogenic, gentle and safe for all skin types.

It smells of sweet, fresh berries. No added essential oils or fragrance in this formula but these potent oils combine together beautifully resulting in a subtle sweet & fruity scent.

𓂅 Bakuchiol is a standardized pure extract of the Babchi seed, a native plant to India that has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. Clinical studies have shown Bakuchiol is equally effective as Retinol in decreasing facial wrinkles & hyperpigmentation while helping stimulate collagen production. Bakuchiol can be used AM/PM and has no side effects (no itching, irritation, burning, dryness), unlike Retinol... so it is a great alternative for folks with sensitive skin. If you are already using Retinol & its working great for you, Bakuchiol is an excellent companion & has been shown to help with the side effects and increase its efficacy.

𓂅 BlueberryNECTA is an active ingredient made from upcycled Blueberries, a by-product of the juicing industry. It's a circular extract that helps reuse & divert waste! BlueberryNECTA is an antioxidant rich active oil that shields the skin from blue light exposure and is a natural source of pro-retinol making it ideal for "anti ageing" formulas.
Blue light defense & Hydrating. Powerful antioxidant that works as a natural shield against blue light. Thanks to its fatty acid composition, it also supports skin’s barrier function, resulting in hydrated & nourished skin.

𓂅 Rosehip fruit oil contains Provitamin A (Carotenoids) as well as trans-retinoic acid. Rosehip fruit oil is made from pressing the whole fruit instead of just the seeds making it a much more concentrated, stable oil than Rosehip seed oil.

𓂅 Blueberry seed oil is a source of pro-retinol & powerful antioxidants. It is an absorber of blue light, as well as offering amazing hydration

𓂅 Apricot Kernel oil has high levels of Vitamin C, E and A (retinol). These antioxidants help stimulate collagen production and promote cell turnover ~ resulting in brighter complexion and even skin tone. Due to the high content of Vitamin A and other fatty acids, Apricot oil can help strengthen the skin barrier, improve texture and restore damaged skin.

Carotenoids are a provitamin A that is derived from plants, like Carrots, Seabuckthorn berries & Rose hips! All ingredients found in this formula.
First photo shows the bright golden color of this serum. Last photo features some of the ingredients in this formula ~ Seabuckthorn, Rosehip & Blueberry

INGREDIENTS: Tulsi flower & leaf, Marshmallow root, Licorice root, Rose petals & buds and Gotu Kola leaf infused in Squalane oil* (Sugarcane-derived, Ecocert), Rosehip fruit oil*, Apricot kernel oil*, Seabuckthorn berry oil*, Blueberry seed oil*, Blueberry-NECTA extract, Carrot Seed resin extract & oil, Backuchiol (1%) and Vitamin E oil (Tocopherol).
All Herbs are Certified Organic, naturally homegrown or grown on small herb farms
*Certified Organic, unrefined & cold-pressed

SUGGESTED USE: Use Morning &/or Night. Best used on clean skin after toner, water-based serums and moisturizer. Or applied directly on skin after toner/hydrosol, while skin is still damp. Apply 3 drops on face & neck. Gently pat until absorbed. Follow with a natural sunscreen in the morning.
Can be used in conjunction with Retinoid/Retinol.
Formulated for all skin types. External Use Only.

Test a patch of skin before continuous use. Discontinue use if any skin irritation occurs.

Comes in an Amber glass 1 oz/30ml bottle with a cosmetic pump cap.

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